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The Gary/Chicago Airport (also known as Clark Road) Station is located approximately 1.5 mile south of the airport terminal, with no shuttle service partially because the Gary Airport lacks commercial air service as of 2017 with Allegiant Airlines last serving the airport in 2013. It is a simple flag stop on the South Shore Line with some rush hour trains skipping the station (in addition to the once daily, South Bend Sunrise/Sunset Express). The station has the lowest ridership of any South Shore Line Station, there was previously another flag stop between Clark Road and Gary Metro Center, Ambridge, which closed along with 6 other flagstops on July 5, 1994 to speed up service.

The station has a single low-level side platform on the north side of the two-track line that begins at the grade-crossing of Clark Road and runs west. Trains stop on both tracks (as a hold-out station) with a small concrete boarding area across the south track to the north, normal South Bend-bound track. On these trains two sets of doors open, one to the small pedestrian crossing boarding area and the other directly to the grade-crossing of Clark Road. The platform contains a single green shelter that houses a strobe light with instructions to activate to signal the engineer to stop (along with remaining visibly on the platform), along with credit card TVMs. The station is located in a residential neighborhood and has a small parking lot between the platform and parallel South Bend Avenue, with Porter Street split in two by the station (it lacks a grade-crossing). 2nd Avenue runs across the tracks from the station.
All Photos taken on 30 December, 2017

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Approaching the simple station from Clark Road
The snowing tracks at Gary/Chicago Airport door closes in the middle of 11th Street of EMU Car #28
Looking across from 2nd Avenue at the simple one platform station
The platform with a modern information sign, bike rack and small parking area
The information sign says to stand behind the yellow line and push the flag stop button to get the train to stop
The back of the sign at the main station entrance
The entrance sign for the station's parking lot by the Clark Road grade-crossing
The small and plowed station parking lot
View from Clark Street east towards downtown Gary
A To Chicago sign across from the platform, there are no from Chicago signs
The very low-level platform and pedestrian crossing so a train can stop on the opposite track
The one modern platform shelter
The TVMs
The standard South Shore Line sign
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