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Sox-35th is the most northern station in the median of the Dan Ryan Expressway but not on the Dan Ryan Extension which also has one more stop farther north, Cermark-Chinatown located on an elevated guideway when it opened on September 28, 1969. The stop serves Comisky Park (excuse me, U.S. Cellular Field) located just SW of the station across Wentworth Avenue (serving as the Dan Ryan's southbound service road). The east side of the Dan Ryan is followed here by the Metra Rock Island District. There new 35th Street/"Lou" Jones/Bronzeville Station opened on April 3, 2011 right alongside the 'L' Station. There is not an extra large entrance to serve the ballpark. The main southern entrance along the northern sidewalk of 35th Street (with a canopied crosswalk across the street to the southern side for bus connections) feels like any other. During game days, a normally closed gate is opened and two bus stop fareboxes are set up to handle extra patrons. After going through fare control there is a staircase followed by the elevator, two escalators (one after another) and then a final staircase down to the southern end of the island platform that is fully canopied. The stop has a secondary entrance at its northern end. Here a staircase leads up to a long covered walkway above the track area. The walkway is entirely glass on its eastern side but most of it is open with just a low fence on the western side. It leads to a single farecards only high turnstile (with no vending machine for buying them) just before it leads to the south sidewalk of 33rd Street.
All photos taken on 1 August, 2011

#2790 stops in the station, the light towers of Comisky Park are visible
A Metra train passes in view
A platform sign, elevator or 33rd St?
Staircase to the 33rd St exit
The long overpass walk for 33rd St
Comisky Park is in the background walking to 33rd St
The one high turnstile for 33rd St
The little entrance building from 33rd St
A southbound train approaches the station and the extremely wide Dan Ryan
A southbound train enters
The Main sign for US Cellular Field, the red roofs of the station are visible off in the distance
35th's wide overpass
The main station entrance
Four sets of doors lead into the station
The escalator down to the platform
Comisky Park is visible from the station platform over the highway
A nighttime view crossing the highway to enter the crowded station, coming from a Sox Loss to the Yankees!
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