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Monore is the middle station of the longest railroad platform in America under State Street. This stations platform is unrenovated so the station's single platform has simple florescent lights, and simple cinderblock tiled walls around the staircases/escaltors up to the platform's two mezzanines, these mezzanines each contain grey walls with text for exits, public telephones, and trains written directly on them. These are from a renovation program in the 1980s as part of the Works Progress administration with plaques on one of the mezzanines celebrating these achievements

The station has two mezzanines, one at the northern end of the stopping area for trains, and at the southern stopping area for trains. Each mezzanine contains turnstiles that lead to a staircase/escalator to the stopping area of trains, and a combined staircase/escalator (although when I visited in June 2018 both escaltors that look like they were installed in 1943 were closed and fenced off) that leads to a high exit only turnstile, just beyond train stopping locations.

The northern mezzanine is for Monroe and Madsion, Exits from this mezzanine are up to each side of Lake Street between Monroe and Madison, each side of the street has an exit only escaltor (farther north) followed by a staircase these have the Gold entrance portals standard to the State Street Subway. Although the escalator to the west side of the street is temporary closed until further notice during an inspection the escalator was found to have extensive issues that the CTA cannot repair, and the CTA is still working on identifying funds to purchase a new escalator, as a sign tells rides on the plywood in the mezzanine. The portal and street level is now pastered with ads to visit the loop.

The southern mezzanine has is for Monroe and Adams with an exit only, always up escalator and staircase up to each side of State Street between Jackson and Adams. The direction of these are in reverse, on the east side of the street the escalator is the northern exit, south side of the street the southern one.

Photos 1-14 taken on 25 October, 2011, 15-17 on 2 August, 2012; 18-35: 10 June, 2018
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An entrance staircase
To Howard or 95/Dan Ryan in the modern trying to look retro golden text
Entering the Madison Street entrance with nice original grey walls
Approaching the turnstiles
The original cashiers booth with a marble base
Doors to a surrounding building from the mezzanine
The entrance turnstiles
Plaques for the opening of the Subway, a WPA project in 1943
Going down a staircase, alongside an escalator to the platform
This platform is not renovated and dark
Looking down the seemingly endless platform
A platform wall sign with two of the exits to Adams or Monroe
The escalator to Madison-Monroe
Looking down one of the tracks
Escalator to Monroe-Adams
Original red tiling for Monroe/State
The front of a stopping Red Line train by the closed escalator and original staircase to the exit
A 95th-bound Red Line trains stops at Monroe
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