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Loyola is one of the most unusual Chicago 'L' Stations. It is one of the stations on the North Side Main Line with a very long narrow island platform serving the two middle tracks of the four track main line. Purple Line Expresses bypass the station on the outside tracks. The station was renovated in the early 1980s and received a very unique renovation that also installed an elevator and shows the challenges the CTA faces in making the North Side Main Line ADA compliant. The platform can accommodate over 16 CTA cars and is over 700 feet long, because trains stop at the platform completely offset from each other. At the exact center of the platform is an elevator. This elevator arrives at the platform and takes up the entire width of the platform. There are two doors to this elevator that can both open at the upper landing. The south door leads out to the Howard-bound portion of the platform, the north door to the Loop-bound portion. All Passengers should be at the front of their train to get off at Loyola. Beyond the elevators there is a staircase followed by an up escalator to each portion of the platform with a glass windscreen on each side. This is followed finally by the stopping position for the train direction that stops on that portion of the platform. There are black signs saying Southbound or Northbound Trains Only This Platform with a note saying for the opposite direction: "For the opposite direction return to station and use northbound escalators/stairs." The narrow platforms continue their respective directions with a few small metal windscreens and a modern oversized canopy that runs over two-thirds of the length of the island platform, with simple white supports.

The entrance is located in a simple brick station house nestled beneath the concrete elevated structure with a generic white brick facade. The doors into the station lead from the northside of Sheridan Road, and passengers must pass a Ducken Donuts and Mini-Mart in the station before reaching the turnstiles. There are a few high exit turnstiles that lead out from the west side of station building at to Loyola Avenue that is parallel to that side of the tracks.
All photos taken on 25 October, 2011

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Getting off of a southbound train at Loyola
#2526 leaves for 95th
A 95th-bound train leaves, curving around the portion of the platform for trains in the opposite direction
A 95th-bound train keeps leaving
Escalator up to the Southbound platform beyond the front of the platform where trains actually stop
#2911 has stopped at the station and approaches the southbound platform to bypass it
#2911 keeps passing
The elevator with its two doors just arrived passengers wait for it on the Howard-bound platform
Sign for the boarding area for the Red Line to 95th/Dan Ryan
Going down the stairs to the exit in a station house
Some leave via these high exit gates
Sign for the 95/Dan Ryan staircase
Outside the station and station house nestled beneath the elevated structure
Keep walking for the entrance past these out high exit turnstiles
Sign for trains and the entrance beneath the railroad embankment
The station nestled beneath the embankment takes up a lot of room
To reach the secondary high entrance/exit turnstile this walkway between storefronts leads to it
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