Midway Airport (Orange Line)
all photos are by Jeremiah Cox on 24 October, 2004

Midway is the terminus of the very new orange line, opening just in 1993. The station is located at Midway Airport and is also next to the Orange Line's yard. There are three tacks with two platforms on island and one side. There is a large mezzanine above the platform, the station has a modern looking roof with skylights.

midway1 midway1
(midway1) A midway Airport Platform sign
(midway2) Looking up an escalator to the mezzanine    

Walking up an escalator we reach fare control that is on the overpass. After exiting through the turnstiles, we reach the turnstiles. After going through the turnstiles we can continue straight up and towards the airport, we can also go down and reach the Park and Ride Lot and also a large bus stop

midway3 midway4
(midway3) On the mezzanine looking down to the tracks (midway4) Approaching the turnstiles of fare control still inside of it.
(midway5) The sign above the staircase up to the overpass to "Midway Airport"  

Walking up to the overpass we approach the airport parking garage that separates the 'L' station from the Airport Terminal, there are people movers on the overpass that overlooks the orange line yard that is located just beyond the bridge.

midway6 midway7
midway8 midway9
(midway6) Looking down to the yard from the overpass (midway7) Looking down the people movers on the overpass (midway8) Just before entering and walking through the parking garage looking back to the yard
(midway9) A zoom in on trains in the yard.

We enter the parking garage which is your typical garage nothing special, we fallow the pavement painted like a crosswalk complete with orange lines every ten feet showing us the way.

midway10 midway11    
(midway10) Looking down the well marked passageway in the parking garage to the airport  (midway11) A orange dotted line on the well marked passageway in the parking garage to the airport    

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