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Oak Park is a Union Pacific West Line Station; located on the three-track Main Line in the Village of Oak Park which is shared with the CTA Green Line. The station has a side platform (signed for trains to Chicago) and an island platform (for outbound trains). Each platform has an enclosed ADA compliant narrow ramp (the one from the island platform is particularly narrow) at its western end which leads down to the Marion Street concourse. The Marion Street concourse is located beneath the tracks and is shared with the eastern entrance to the CTA Green Line's Harlem/Lake terminus. Across from the entrance ramps to this platform is a former Metra ticket window which closed on March 31, 2017, and a few benches for waiting Metra Passengers. A plaque dedicates the waiting area and renovated Metra station from the Metra Board of Directors to the People of Oak Park in the year 2000. Entrances lead out each side of the station house to South Blvd and North Blvd a short ways east of Marion Street.

The side platform contains additional amenities for waiting passengers. A modern canopy structure covers about half of the platform length starting with the ramp from the Marin Street Concourse. An additional staircase leads up to the platform from NE corner of North Blvd and Marion Street. This staircase arrives at the platform under a decorative clock tower with Oak Park written on text on the sides without faces, which towers above the platform. There is also a small modern, glass waiting area along the platform. At the eastern end of this platform is an enclosed with glass (like the ramp) staircase down to the NW corner of North Blvd and Forest Avenue. On the platform is also a historic looking wooden shelter covering some more benches. The supports are painted grey with white trim. The roof line is a distinctive red color, with fading white Oak Park signs on each end of the canopy.

The island platform is longer than the side platform and continues farther east. It is long, narrow and bare for except for a few benches. At the extreme eastern end of the platform (a full block beyond the end of the side platform) is a enclosed staircase down to a sidewalk on the west side of Clinton Avenue's underpass through the concrete railroad embankment. Clinton is about half-way between the Harlem Green Line Station and it's next station Oak Park.
All Photos taken on February 17, 2018

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The closed Metra ticket window in the Marion Street station house shared with the CTA
Station closed signs at the Metra ticket office, starting March 31, 2017
Up the narrow ramp to the island platform
Looking down towards the Marion Street exit from the narrow ramp down from the island platform
On the island platform, a freight train is stopped on the middle track
A sign across from the island platform and CTA signals
Looking past the enclosed ramp off the island platform at the CTA station in the distance
The clock tower above the side platform is visible between stopped freight cars
Looking down the long ramp off the island platform
Across from the closed ticket office
The lower Metra waiting area
Entrance to the ramp to the Chicago platform
At the base of the long ramp to the side platform
Arriving to a nice canopy over Marion Street on the side platform
Inside the airy enclosed waiting area on the side platform
The waiting area and ramp entrance at the western end of the side platform
A platform sign on the edge of the railroad viaduct set back from the platform
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Last Updated: 21 February, 2018
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