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Melrose Park is a limited service stop on the Union Pacific West Line. During off peak hours alternate trains stop at the station (on Weekends this roughly translates into service every 4 hours, and every 2 hours on weekends), those that stop at Melrose Park, skip Maywood. Rush hour service is more frequent with some express trains skipping the station.

The current station consists of two side platforms for the two track line that begin at the grade-crossing of 19th Avenue and run east. There are no further pedestrian crossings between the platforms. The grade-crossing of 19th Avenue also provides all access to both platforms except passengers could cross the grass along the south, outbound platform to Railroad Avenue. The inbound platform is alongside an alley that serves the Melrose Park Police Station and its parking lot. A fence that keeps the police cars seperate from rail passengers. All station parking is in a small 48 space lot north of the station, across Main Street from the Police Station.

The Inbound platform has very small brick station house (which is more closer to an enclosed shelter with just a bench, no restrooms, no ticket office), it has a wooden overhanging gabled roof. The outbound platform has a short wooden canopy structure that has a roof that matches the station house.
All Photos taken on 17 December, 2017 on a visit by automobile

An alley around the police station and the Metra platform above
Do Not enter this alley only for police buissinesss
A peeling Sign from the Mayor Welcoming you to Melros Park
A platform sign as hopper cars pass through the station
A bench that says Village of Melrose park in the middle of the grass
The rear of a westbound freight train finishes passing through Melrose Park
The brick with a wooden roof station house well set back from the Melrose Park platform
The outbound platform has a wooden shelter of a similar old vintage
A Metra Melrose Park sign on the roof of the station
Looking into the small station house, there are a few benches and some litter
View down the platforms from the 19th Avenue grade-crossing
The entrance to the south Outbound platform
The wooden shelter on the outbound platform across from the small station house on the inbound platform
Home<Chicago<Metra<Union Pacific West<Melrose Park

Last Updated: 31 December, 2017
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