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Geneva was the terminus of the Union Pacific West Line until the line was extended out to La Fox and Elburn in 2006. The station consists of two side platforms for the two-track line (this is the only section of two track railroad left on the line). These platforms begin at the grade crossing of 3rd Street (the only way to get between platforms) in the downtown of this city and run west. Along the north (trains on the ex-Chicago & Northwestern Lines use left-hand running for historical reasons) platform is the station's large single story cream station house. The eastern half of the station house is now a number of establishments including an Editible Arrangements and Third Street Station, a restaurant witch has a patio. The signs for the business in the depot call it Herrington Station. The western half is the station's waiting room and ticket office, open for one weekday morning shift. The south, outbound platform contains two extra large, black Plexiglas, bus style shelters on the platform, there is an additional shelter on towards the western end of the Inbound platform.

Parking surrounds the station: daily parking is across 3rd Street in a 536 three story parking garage designed to fit into downtown. Permit only parking lots, include 270 spaces along the outbound platform, 130 spaces beyond the depot on the inbound platform, and a scattering of more in surrounding parking lots and some on-street parking around the village center.
All Photos taken on 17 February, 2018

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Looking across 3rd Street at a snowy Geneva Station
Across from the depot on the inbound platform
At the snowy entrance to the Inbound platform
Sign for the depot's buissinesses Herrington Station
An outdoor patio for Third Street Station resturant
The snowy inbound platform
Entrance to the Outbound platform
Across from the Edible Arrangements sign in the dormer of the station
The snow has turned the lights on at Geneva
The lights of an approaching outbound train
Three shelters, 2 on the outbound and one on the Inbound platform beyond the depot
Looking across from the outbound platform to the waiting area with curving windows
An Outbound Metra train to Elburn approaches
An F40 enters on a snowy day
F40 #141 enters
F40 #141 enters
F40 #141 Village of Kenilworth continues entering
Galley cars come to a stop on the snowy platform
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