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Irving Park is a Metra Union Pacific Northwest Line station located on the southwest side of the Kennedy Expressway, which contains the Blue Line in it's median. The station is across the southbound lanes from the Blue Line's Irving Park Station. This station consists of two side platforms along the three-track line. These platforms begin at the overpass of Irving Park Road and run southwest. All access to the Inbound platform is via a walkway/ramp from Irving Park Road alongside a Kennedy Expressway onramp. This ramp leads up directly to the platform with a staircase, midway along the ramp leading to the very end of the Inbound platform. The outbound platform is accessed from parallel Avondale Avenue. A staircase is located near the southern end of the platform. A ramp (with a steps located to cut-off some of the switchbacks) is at the northern end of the platform. At the northern end of the outbound platform is a wooden pedestrian crossing to the middle track where one door of a train on the middle track could stop. Station passenger amenities are minimal. The Inbound platform has 1, the outbound platform 2, small gabled roof canopy structures painted brown with wooden windscreens in the middle of them.
Photos 1 & 2 taken on 25 October, 2011; 3-27: 3 July, 2013

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Entering Irving Park
A mural beneath the bridge over Pulaski Road north of the station
The ramp/staircase structure to the outbound platform
Signs for the stair from Chicago
Looking up the ramp at an Outbound Metra train stopping at Irving Park
The ramp off the Outbound platform is beyond the end of the platform
Looking across to the canopy and Kennedy Expressway traffic on the Inbound platform
One of two short canopy structures on the Outbound platform as a train departs
Signs are at each end of the platform canopies
Traffic and the start of the ramp exit off the Inbound platform
The staircase towards the northern end of the Outbound platform
The Staircase off the southern end of the Inbound platform
An Inbound Metra train enters Irving Park
Metra F40 #151
F40 #151 pushes an Inbound train
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