Rogers Park
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Rogers Park is a Metra Union Pacific North Line station along an elevated ROW on an embankment with two side platforms that run from the bridges over Lunt Avenue at their southern ends to Greenleaf Avenue at their northern ends. The middle of each platform contains a small wood and metal canopy structure (covering less than one car length) for waiting passengers which is painted brown. The northern ends of the platforms each have a staircase up from Greenleaf Avenue. At the southern ends of the platforms ramps and a staircase lead down to Lunt Avenue, the ramp off the Chicago-bound platform ramps around just north of the station to parallel Ravenswood Avenue. Hear at the corner of Ravenswood Avenue and Lunt Avenue beneath and adjacent to the station is a small brick station house/waiting room. Inside is a closed ticket office with two types of seating: an old wooden bench and a set of more modern (maybe 1980s) black, plastic attached chairs.
All Photos taken on 25 October, 2011

Across from the small station house beneath the Chicago-bound platform
Entrance to the small waiting room open weekday mornings only
Pastic bucket chairs in the waiting room
There is also a wooden bench in the waiting room
A northbound train fades into the distance from Rogers Park
Looking across to a sign at one wnd of the from Chicago platform
Each paltform has a simple brown canopy sturcture
View down to the ramp from the To Chicago platform
Signs are at each end of the platform canopies
A grafeti covered Rogers Park platform sign
The staircase down to Greenleaf Avenue
The staircase at the Greenleaf Avenue end of the station
Looking down Greenleaf Avenue to the station
Home<Chicago<Metra<Union Pacific North<Rogers Park

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