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Central Street/Evanston is the northernmost of 3 Metra Union Pacific North Line Stations in the City of Evanston. The station is located on an elevated ROW between the bridges of Central Street (at its northern end) and Lincoln Street. The station has two side platforms for the two-track line. The station is just over a half-mile west of the Central 'L' Station on the Purple Line.

The station contains a two story, entirely brick station house at the SW corner of Central Street and Poplar Avenue. A portion of the building is covered in ivy. An exterior staircase leads up to the Inbound platform through station house. At platform level the station house contains a ticket office and waiting room open for one weekday morning shift. This building is attached to a wooden platform canopy structure. Additional, more modern green canopies are located in the middle of the Inbound and Outbound platforms, with another canopy on the Outbound platform across from the station house. These canopies cover windscreened benches. The ends of the canopies have signs with gold text that say Central Street and Evanston beneath in smaller lettering. The Outbound platform has a similar staircase near the SE corner of Central Street and Green Bay Road. In the middle of each platform is a ramp, and the southern ends of the platforms have staircases down to (in the case of the Outbound platform) and near (since the platform ends) Lincoln Street.
All Photos taken on 25 October, 2018

Across from the two-story ivy covered station house
The corner of Central Street and Poplar Avenue
Approaching the interior staircase inside the depot
Across from the shelter at the northern end of the outbound platform
A modern sign on the brick depot, under it's wooden canopy
Across from the shelter at the northern end of the Outbound platform
The signs here say Central Street with Evanston in smaller lettering
The depot is attached to a wooden platform canopy structure that provides decent shelter
Side of Metra Gallery Car #8738 coming to a station stop
The sun sets on the Outbound platform
Golden Central Street-Evanston text signs on the end of the depot's canopy
Twin shelters in the middle of the station platforms
Going down the ramp off the Inbound platform
Sign on the Inbound platform
Signs on street level for the ramp to Chicago
A staircase up to the southern end of the Inbound platform
A Northbound Metra Train enters
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