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Hanover Park is a Milwakee West Line Station with two low-level platforms that are located on a slight embankment above the parking lots on both sides of the tracks due to the underpass of Country Farm Road under the eastern ends of the platforms. Both platforms begin with steps up to the far side of Country Farm Road from the station. From the inbound platform this is to a small secondary parking by permit only parking area set behind Liberty Street in a housing development. The outbound platform leads to a path to parallel Lake Street. Over County Farm Road the platforms have fencing. This is followed by the first of two pedestrian crossings between the platforms The rest of the outbound platform has a few staircases (the ramp is at the extreme western end) down to a parking lot between the platform and Lake Street. There are no amenities for waiting passenger.

The inbound platform is also along a parking lot (in a triangle formed by Country Farm Road to the west and Ontarioville Road just south of it) with stairs and short ramps down to it from the platform. A station house is along the platform a dedicated the station in November 1995. The station is a one story brick building with a gabled roof, and an octagonal area at one end. Inside is a ticket office open for one morning shift and a waiting area. The inbound platform has one secondary small shelter set off from the platform near it's western end.
All Photos taken on 5 June, 2017

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Entering the inbound platform through the parking lot
The depot off in the distance behind parked cars
Streetside of the depot
A platform entrance past some parking pay stations
A pedestrian crossing to a few steps off the outbound platform
The western ends of the platforms
An Outbound train enters
F59PHI #421 pulls an outbound train into the station
F59PHI #421 enters Hanover Park
BiLevels of different generations stop at Hanover Park
Looking into the depot at a plaque for the station's dedication in November 1995
The back of an outbound train fading into the distance
The wide road that is the driveway into the station
Across from the Hanover Park depot
The outbound platform parking lot
Across from the depot
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Last Updated: 11 November, 2017
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