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Bartlett is a Milwaukee West Line that has an historic Victorian-era brown depot which was erected 1873, served as a passenger station until December 2007, and reopened as the Bartlett Depot Museum on September 12, 2010. The historic depot was replaced in December 20017 by a large modern brick Prairie-style depot which moved the inbound platform about a block east of the outbound platform which is still in the same location as before, across from the historic depot. This means the platforms for the two track line are completely offset from each other. The station is between two (two-way) streets on each side of the tracks, Bartlett Avenue to the north and Railroad Avenue to the south. The outbound platform runs between the grade-crossings of Western Avenue and Oak Avenue. For passengers just beyond the outbound platform is a large enclosed black bus-stop style shelter with a domed roof. Inside are some benches and a parking pay station. Parking is in spaces on both sides of the tracks (Railroad Avenue, and Bartlett Avenue) with another small lot across Bartlett Avenue from here.

The new inbound platform doesn't start until about 50 feet east of the grade-crossing of Oak Avenue, across from where Main Street ends at a T-intersection with Railroad Avenue. This platform begins with a pedestrian grade-crossing, leading to parking along Bartlett Avenue and a small parking lot across Bartlett Avenue. The Prairie-style depot beings here, with a covered area attached to the depot containing a bench. Inside the depot is a large waiting room with restrooms, a ticket office, and a concession stand. Beyond the depot Railroad Avenue curves away from the tracks, forming a larger parking lot. In addition, Railroad Avenue is about six feet below the inbound the platform, with a grey cinderblock wall, there is a ramp up to the platform near the depot, and a staircase at the extreme eastern end. The middle of the platform has a secondary shelter structure.
All Photos taken on 5 June, 2017

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Out of service parking pay stations outside the Bartlett depot
MP36PH-3S #401 pushes a Chicago-bound train out of Bartlett
MP36PH-3S #401 passes the Bartlett water tower
A nicely built in bench on the modern inbound platform outside the depot
The platforms are so far apart they require a map
The central area of the modern depot
The drop of loop outside the modern depot slighlty elevated from surrounding streets
Metra and the Village of Bartlett seals into a door into the depot
Stained glass inside the depot
More panes of stained glass
Plaque dedicating the Village of Bartlett Depot
A closed concession window
The large an airy modern brick depot
The western end of the inbound platform, the outbound platform is off in the distance
Outside the depot
The end of the inbound platform is at the same level of the street
The southern grade-crossing towards the station's exit
Sidewalk off the inbound platform towards the outbound
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Home<Chicago<Metra<Milwaukee District West<Bartlett

Last Updated: 11 November, 2017
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