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27th Street is a main line Metra Electric Station that feels almost abandoned. The stop still receives service hourly or better throughout the day. It was built to serve the Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center, which closed in 2008 and was demolished in 2010. To reach the station today requires a long and complex walk down streets that feel abandoned (fences are on either side). When I visited in 2016, Google directed me to bike down 26th Street to reach the station. This proved to be false directions and instead the open entrance (of streets that felt abandoned with fences on each side of the road) was via 27th Street before turning back north and entering from Ellis Avenue. After reaching the station (at the end of a dead end section of 27th Street) passengers reach a narrow footbridge. This leads over two of the four electrified tracks and down to a staircase to a small wooden entrance hut (with Metra TVMs) where fare control equipment once was located and then out at the northern end of four car island platform. This island platform has an additional wooden shelter with a few benches inside. The shelter was locked on a warm September Saturday. There are also simple lamps on wooden posts to light the platform. The only signs for the station are two blue signs affixed to the waiting shelter.
All Photos taken on 17 September, 2016 on a visit by bicycle

Out on the wooden island platform for the station on the long ROW
No clear sign that to exit the platform one must pass through this door
Looking into the closed waiting shelter
The platform is narrow outside the shelter
A 27th Street sign on the shelter
The wide wooden southern end of the station platform
The footbridge to enter and leave the station off in the distance
Looking down towards the southern end of the wooden platform
A watch the gap sign onto the door of the locked waiting shelter
The staircase down to the platform
A side view of the station from the footbridge
The decayed dead-end through vacant lots that is now the station entrance
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Last Updated: 1 October, 2017
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