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Westmont is the one station in this Village. This station consists of a two side platforms for the 3 track line that begin at the Cass Avenue grade-crossing and run west. The middle of the platforms also have a pedestrian-grade-crossing which Lincoln Street is split into two by the railroad. The Inbound platform contains the station's brick single-story station house. Inside is a waiting room and ticket office open for one weekday shift. Covered porches attached to each side of the station house provide shelter for waiting passengers during hours when the ticket office is closed. A small village center plaza (with a fountain) lies between the station house towards the middle of the platform and Cass Avenue. The Outbound platform has a smaller shelter (in the same style as the station house for waiting passengers. There is an additional canopy on the outbound platform which covers the bicycle racks.

The outbound platform is along Burington Avenue with four flights of stairs leading down a short grade to the train platforms. Parking here is 200 angled parking spaces along Burlington Avenue that stretch nearly 7 blocks to Roslyn Road from the station. The farthest spaces closer to the Fairview Avenue station than the Westmont Station. The Inbound platform contains a smaller 115 space, proper parking lot, accessed from parrallel Qunicy Avenue, which only extends one block from the end of the platforms to Adams Street.
All Photos taken on 17 February, 2018

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3 BNSF Locomotives approach the West Hinsdale Station, just beyond the highway overpass
Under the Kingery Highway bridge, looking back towards Clarendon Hills
A freight train finishes passing through Clarendon Hills
Approaching the outbound platform from the parking lot nearly shared with Clarendon Hills
Parking along Burlington Avenue
The Inbound platform's larger shelter
Each platform has it's only shelter
Some fencing seems to be in an odd place on the Outbound platform
Lettering on the outbound shelter
More lettering for Metra West Hinsdale on the Outbound shelter
Solid brick walls on the sides of the Outbound shelter
Plaque from RTA dedicating the shelters on May 16, 1983
Across from the larger, more airy Inbound shelter
The Stough Street grade-crossing splits the platforms in two
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