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The Loop is an icon of Chicago, it is served by the four main elevated lines (the
brown, orange, green and purple (weekday rush hours only). Three of which (except green) go around the full loop to turn around (brown in an anticlockwise direction and the orange and purple in a clockwise direction). The loop was compleated in 18--. It is also the other name of downtown.

Washington is on Wells Street. There is a free transfer between directions. Continuing in an anticlockwise direction we reach Quincy we curve onto Van Buren Street and into LaSalle. Next is Library. This is the only station named for a place, the main library. (The location is Dearborn/Van Buren) After leaving Library the train reaches a T junction with the orange and green lines to the right (south) on Wabash Avenue. This train continuing on the loop vears left through the swich junction and enters Adams There are free transfers between lines at Adams. The line continues north to Madison and Randolph. The train vears again onto Lake Street. The first stop is State, there is a free card transfer to red line (Lake Station). The next stop is Clark, it is a large station. There is a free transfer to the blue line through adjacant buildings. The train then proceeds to the massive + junction with the purple and brown lines to the right (north), the green line straight (west) and the continuation of the loop to the left (south) If there was a train just around the loop it would now trun to the left and be back at Washington

(loop1.jpg) The Library station (13 October, 2003) (loop2.jpg) The orange and green lines just south of the loop. It turns onto private property and runs down back allies (12 October, 2003) (loop4.jpg) The construction site on the orange and green lines just south of the loop (12 October, 2003) (loop3.jpg) The loop just south of Adams (12 October, 2003)
(loop5.jpg) The loop just south of Adams at night an orange line train passes going south abouth to swich off the loop (10 October, 2003) (loop6.jpg) The platform an a sign at Madison (12 October, 2003) (loop15.jpg) Lake (11 October, 2003) (lake1.jpg) Entance to Lake (23 October, 2004)



Also See: Clinton|Midway Airport|State/Lake

(loop13.jpg) The Green line on the south side (11 October, 2003)

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