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51st has the standard two wooden side platforms that are canopied except for about a car length at their northern ends. The exits are at the southern ends of the platforms. Here there is a modern station house with green and white tiles along the southside of 51st. From the station house there is an elevator up to only the northbound platform. This continues to a second landing at an overpass above the tracks. There is also an escalator up to the northbound platform. The one staircase (and only access from the station house to the southbound platform) is at the very northern of the headhouse, here a short staircase leads up to an intermediate landing before splitting and having second short staircases up to the extreme northern ends of each of the platforms. Directly from here are staircases up to the overpass that also has an elevator to the southbound platform providing up and over ADA compliancy because a building at street level precluded a direct shaft into the station house. There are secondary exits via High Turnstiles along each of the platforms that lead to staircases down to the northside of 51st Street.
All photos taken on 3 August, 2011

51st	1
51st	2
51st	3
A four car train for Ashland enters the station
51st	4
#2527 leads a four car train into the station
51st	5
#2527 comes to a stop, still a bit from the staircase at the end of the platform
51st	6
The high turnstile at the top of the exit staircase
51st	7
Going down to the street
51st	8
51st	9
The doors into the station house
51st	10
Inside the system, looking back towards the turnstiles
51st	11
Going up the one staircase to the platforms
51st	12
Stairs an elevator and an escalator provide access to the Loop-bound platform, the staircase to the overpass is also visible
51st	13
51st	14
51st	15
The high turnstile for the exit only staircase from the Loop-bound platform (don't think it gets much use)
51st	16
The High Exit turnstile from the 63rd St-bound platform, it is more modern made of metal
51st	17
51st	18
51st	19
Beyond the canopied portion of the platform
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