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35th-Bronzeville-IIT is a stop on the southern branch of the Green Line and was previously called Tech-35. The green line here runs on an elevated ROW that is over alleys and pedestrian paths but not directly a street (the line ran at a grade from 1893 until 1907). Two blocks north of the station, between 33rd and 32nd Streets (another station stop, closed in 1949) trains run over the roof of the McCormick Tribune Campus Center. A modern building opened in 2003. What is unique about this building is the elevated structure is enclosed in steel as a way to reduce vibrations from passing trains going above the building. The station itself is above a crowded campus parking lot.

The station has a single, narrow island platform which is canopied for 3/4 of its length starting at the southern end. This is where the main station exit is with a 1960s headhouse beneath the tracks along the northside of 35th Street. Here are the turnstiles followed by first an elevator up to the extreme southern end of the platform, then a staircase, an up escalator, followed by a final staircase. The exposed northern end of the platform has a small covered staircase at the end of the platform. This leads down a staircase to a single high turnstile that allows fare card entry at street level on the northside of 34th Street.
Photos 1-19 taken on 3 August, 2011, 20: 4 July, 2013; 21-23: 3 August, 2011

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35th_bronzeville_iit	1
35th_bronzeville_iit	2
A platform sign
35th_bronzeville_iit	3
An edge of the platform sign
35th_bronzeville_iit	4
35th_bronzeville_iit	5
Modern buildings of IIT is visible from the platform
35th_bronzeville_iit	6
The little end of staircase platform to 32nd St
35th_bronzeville_iit	7
View of the enclosure around the 'L' from the northern end of the station platform
35th_bronzeville_iit	8
Going down to the street, viewed beneath the 'L', it was once a full track line
35th_bronzeville_iit	9
The High Turnstile at the end of the platform
35th_bronzeville_iit	10
A braille station sign for the farecard entrance
35th_bronzeville_iit	11
The 34th St farecard entrance
35th_bronzeville_iit	12
The staircase up from the 34th St entrance
35th_bronzeville_iit	13
Looking up at the unique 'L' enclosure
35th_bronzeville_iit	14
The student center the 'L' runs over
35th_bronzeville_iit	15
The station is located above a parking lot
35th_bronzeville_iit	16
Looking up at platform signs
35th_bronzeville_iit	17
35th_bronzeville_iit	18
35th_bronzeville_iit	19
Sideview of the main station house located beneath the platform
35th_bronzeville_iit	20
Looking out a stopped train during the CTA Red Line Dan Ryan Closure, the platform sign is still all green because of arrows for exits, only the trackside signs for destinations say Ashland/63rd
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