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Clinton is a stop on the Green Line located one stop west of the loop, just before the station the train goes over a bridge on top of the chicago river. The station is a normal two track station and has ramps to the platforms making it ADA compliant.

clinton1 clinton2 clinton3 clinton4
(clinton1) A small platform wall sign at Clinton (12 October, 2003) (clinton2) Looking west down the tracks at Clinton (12 October, 2003) (clinton3) A name plate and inclosed space at Clinton (12 October, 2003) (clinton4) the 'Ashland/63rd-East 63rd bord here sign at Clinton (12 October, 2003)
clinton5 clinton6 clinton7
(clinton5) A westbound train at Clinton (12 October, 2003) (clinton6) Looking down the platforms and tracks at clinton at Clinton (12 October, 2003) (clinton7) A green line train going over the Chicago River where it branches just east of Clinton. Also two train lines and Metra (13 October, 2003; From Top of Sears Tower, NOTE: I have saved this file in high quality, it may take a long time to load (333K)

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