Chicago CTA Red Line
all photos on this page and are by Jeremiah Cox, 24 October, 2004

Chicago is a stop on the Red Line and is located on near the Magnificent Mile, a premiere Chicago Shopping street. The station is fairly deep underground and was built using the deep-bore tunneling method which is obvious because the platform ceilings are curved. The station has two side platforms which are located in separate tubes but are next to each other visible through a few openings in the wall of the tracks. The station was recently renovated

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(Chicago1) An Art-Deco motif entrance at Chicago
(Chicago2) A sign saying the red line's destinations at Chicago (Chicago3) A Chicago station sign and picture of the fashonable area nearby on the track wall
(Chicago4) Looking down the floor of the platform at Chicago
chicagor5 chicagor6 chicagor7 chicagor8
(Chicago5) Looking down the blue tactile warning strip at Chicago (Chicago6) A C mosaic in the wall at Chicago (Chicago7) Red Line train times chart at Chicago (Chicago8) Looking down the platform at Chicago

(Chicago9) A Red Line 2600 Series train enters Chicago

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