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Chicago 'L' Map
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The Chicago 'L' is a large el system. It has 142 stations, 222 miles of track, 1,190 rail cars, 7 lines (Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, Brown), 21 stations are in subways (Red, Blue), 89 are elevated, and the rest are at a grade often in the medians of expressways. (Red, Blue). The Purple line continues to the loop during the rush hours, the Yellow is also known as the Skokie Swift and is a 2 station shuttle operating weekdays only, and the Cermark branch (Blue) also runs weekdays only. All other branches/lines operate from at least 4AM-1AM (weekdays, later starting times). The Blue (except Cermark Branch) and Red lines operate at all times (owl service). All train cars are 48 feet long because of tight turns on elevated structures and have only two doors per side. All lines except Purple and Brown can use eight car trains. Trains can have as few as two cars. Some stations are ADA Accessible and a lot are undergoing renovation for it (all stations except in loop on Orange and southern branch on Green)


CTA 'L' and Local Buses: use a transit card (left) The card is the same shape and size as and MTA Metrocard. You insert your card in a turnstile like on a NYC bus.
The default fare is $1.75
For Unlimited rides/transfers for 2 hours (between 'L' and bus ect.): 25 Cents
There are also unlimited ride passes: $5 (1-day), $9 (2-day), $12 (3-day), $18 (5-day), $20 (7-day), and $75 (30-day).
There is also the Chicago Card, which is the same but is used by touching it to a designated pad on the turnstile (there is a computer chip inside)

METRA Commuter Rail: Fares are done by distance

Farecards1 Farecards2 Farecards3 Farecards4
Farecards5 Farecards6 All Fare cards are scanned by and from the collection of Joe Caronetti:
More Information on the collection

Chicago Links

CTA Website -official site, for 'L' and bus
Chicago 'L'.org A large history site and photo database

METRA Website-official site, for METRA Commuter Rail
North Shore Line-official site, for the North Shore Line from Chicago to South Bend, Indiana



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