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Western is the western most station on an elevated structure on the Brown Line, beyond the station trains descend to grade level for their final 1.2 miles and 3 intermediate stations into the Kimball terminus. The stop was renovated in 1981 and even received elevators. Under the The Brown Line Capacity Expansion Project its platforms were just extended, the Loop-bound platform east and the Kimball-bound platform west so the station could accommodate two cars. The stop was never closed. The two side platforms originally had the white framed canopies that include beams crossing over the tracks and flat canopies that are typical of stations rebuilt in the 1980s and 1990s. The fencing is white along the entire length of the platforms which are unique for the brown line being made out of concrete. In the middle of the canopied portion of the platforms is the oversized station house that is nestled beneath the tracks and looks like it overall surrounds both of them with its brown bricks extending up to surround the elevator and staircase/up escalator up to each platform.

This building is along the east side of Western Avenue with a plaza between the station building and Leland Avenue to the north. A bus loop surrounds the other two sides of the station house and a canopy extends over the southern side of the bus loop covering two bus bays with covered waiting for a third. Inside is a large ground level fare control area with regular turnstiles and a Ducken' Donuts outside of fare control. There is also the Berlin Wall Monument. An actual piece of the Berlin Wall (1961-1989): "dedicated by the City of Berlin to the citizens of Chicago as an expression of its gratitude for the invaluable assistance rendered by the U.S.A in securing the safety and freedom of Berlin, in bringing down the Wall, and in supporting the reunification of Germany and Berlin." Doors lead out on three sides to Western Avenue directly beneath the elevated, to the bus loop on the southern side and the plaza to the north. There are additional high exit turnstiles directly out of the station house from the fare paid area, these lead to the east and a pedestrian walkway beneath the 'L.'

There are secondary exits at the eastern ends of both platforms that were built in the late 2000s with platform extensions. These have high exit turnstiles directly on the platforms beyond the turnstiles and staircases that lead down to each side of the pedestrian walkway beneath the tracks between the bus loop and Lincoln Avenue.
All photos taken on 1 August, 2011

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The elevated structure before the station
A train descends down to its grade-level section
#3408 desends to run at grade level for the final distance into Kimball
Approaching the modern station
Exterior view of the white platforms
Plaza in front of the northern side of the extra large station house
The exit only staircase from the from Kimball-bound platform and the end of the canopy on that platform
The pedestrian walkway (by dumpsters) beneath the elevated sturcture
Looking back to the station house
The exit only staircase down from the Loop-bound platform
A front view of the exit only staircase down from the Loop-bound platform
ADA sign for Exit Only
Inside the large modern station house, there is a Dunkin' Donuts
Plauqe for the Berlin Wall Monument
The fragment of the Berlin Wall
View of the turnstiles
After paying your fare there are second high turnstiles out to the bus loop and a sign for the two side platforms
Escalator, staircase, or elevator up to the Loop-bound platform
The exits in the middle of the platform have tiled walls that extend up from the station house
Looking across to the exit only staircase from the Kimball-bound platform
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