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Montrose is a recently renovated Brown Line station that was closed for a year from December 2, 2006 to November 26, 2007 reopening six days early. This saw the station entrance relocated from a now destroyed small and original brick station house to one across the street along with the usual new elevators. Today's station has two wooden side platforms as before. The short two-car long canopies cover about the second and third cars from the northern end of 8 car trains. These platforms each are where they were originally located, and a staircase leads down from each platform to an secondary exit at street level. The one from the Kimball-bound platform curves 90 degrees, and they meet at street level beneath the Loop-bound platform where there are two high exit only turnstiles on the northside of Montrose Avenue angled to an alley at that location.

The southside of Montrose Avenue is where the new modern station house is. This building has two sets of doors and a street front of two platform doors, with red brick sides. Montrose is written in a surf font on the sides of the exterior glass. After passing through the turnstiles the back walls have more aluminum letters on the white walls. These are part of Mont/Rose: Area by Jason Pickleman. There is than an elevator in a brick shaft and a staircase up to each platform. The staircases each have an out and back design with an intermediate landing above the sidewalk outside of the station house. These arrive on the platforms across from each other about a third of the way from the southern end of the platforms. This small floorplan design is because Honore Street is basically an alley that runs along the western side of the elevated structure.
All photos taken on 1 August, 2011

Stepping off of a just arrived train
The staircase to the exit only staircase is directly from the canopied area
A Kimball-bound train enters as a Loop-bound one leaves
#3319 keeps entering
A Kimball-bound train keeps entering
A small platform sign
Looking down a staircase to the exit
Approaching the high exit only turnstiles out to the street where the original station house once was
Three Stop! No Entry Signs on the secondary exits
A view across the street to the new entrance
Letting part of Mont/Rose: Area on the outside glass
The turnstiles into the station
Plaque for the artwork
Mont/Rose: Area lettering on the rear wall of the station, there are signs for both platforms and their elevators
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