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Kedzie was closed for renovations from February 20, 2006 to August 16, 2006 and was then the temporary terminus of the Brown Line for four months from September 2006 to January 2007 as Kimball was being rebuilt. The roll sings and automated announcements still said Kimball during this temporary construction. Trains still ran into the Kimball station out of service to relay and change crews. The station like all grade level stations has a single wooden island platform that is quite bare with just two small canopied benches to provide protection from the elements for waiting passengers. There are modern brown lampposts that line the platforms. There are entrances at either end of the station. At the eastern end is the full time entrance from Kedzie Avenue located inside a narrow but long modern station house with glass walls and a floor that gradually slopes downward to the middle of Kedzie Avenue's Grade Crossing. On one wall of the entrance area of the station house, across from the customer assistant booth and Farecard Vending machines before the turnstiles is Round and Round, Art glass by Anne Marie Karlsen, 2007. There is a secondary entrance at the western end with a station house of a similar design, inside are six steps that lead down to a high entrance turnstile and then into the middle of Spaulding Avenue. This exit when it first opened was fully staffed with a few turnstiles instead and a makeshift customer assistant booth. This is because it is the closest exit to the Kimball Station and was used by those passengers when the platforms of the terminus were being extended for 8 car trains.
All photos taken on 1 August, 2011

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Getting off of a terminating train on Track 3
The gates go down on the narrow area beyond the grade crossing at Spaulding as a train passes
#3388 leaves Kedzie to go by the Kimball Yard and to the terminus
The secondary farecard entrance from Spaulding
#3319 approaches bound for the Loop
#3319 approaches the station
#3319 starts to cross Spaulding the first of six grade crossings approaching its first intermediate stop on a run to the Loop and back again
#3336 passes the Spaulding entrance area to enter the station
#3336 comes to a stop in the station
Looking down to #3336 and a Brown Line train stopped in the station from the grade crossing
The gates are up at the Spaulding entrance
The blur of #3403 leaving the station to enter the Kimball terminal
#3439 is the last car of a Kimball-bound train leaving Kedzie
Approaching the primary entrance in the middle of the Kedzie grade crossing
One of the crossing gates at the Kedzie grade crossing
Kedzie has a compass
Entering the main station house with Round and Round
A platform lamppost and the little exit building at the end of it
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