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Addison (not to be confused with Addison on the Red Line, 1 mile away that serves Wrigley Field) is a renovated Brown Line station that was closed for the renovations from December 2, 2006 to December 2, 2007 for exactly a year promised by the CTA. The renovated station has two offset for about a third of their lengths side platforms. The Kimball-bound platform runs farther north than the Loop-bound platform. The platforms have the standard brown canopies directly across from each other (southern end of the Kimball-bound platform and from the middle towards the northern end of the Loop-bound platforms) that cover about two cars. Here there is an elevator in a brick shaft at the southern end of the canopy and a staircase in the middle of the canopy that lead down to a modern station house that has white walls on the interior and red brick exterior walls. This station house has the turnstiles close to the Loop-bound platform side and high exit only turnstiles towards the Kimball-bound side. It is on the northside of Addison Street.

The location of the secondary exits on each platform (both have high turnstiles on the platforms before canopied staircases) varies. The Loop-bound platform leads from just south of middle of that platform to the southside of Addison Street across from the main entrance. The Kimball-bound platform is at the extreme northern front end of that offset to the north platform and is signed for Lincoln Avenue. It leads down to a triangular intersection where the oddly angled Lincoln Avenue intersects Patterson Avenue.
All photos taken on 1 August, 2011

Getting off a train
The end of a Loop-bound train and a view of the offset platforms
The top of one of the elevator shafts
Two high exit turnstiles
Exit only staircase from the Loop-bound platform is right across from the end of the Kimball-bound platform
Looking up a staircase to the two high exit turnstiles on the platform
Beneath the bottom of the Loop-bound exit
Sign outside the station entrance doors
Two sets of doors into the station
Two high exit turnstiles inside the station house
The high exit turnstile from the Kimball-bound platform to Lincoln Avenue
On the Kimball-bound platform where it is offset
#3389 enters
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