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Platforms 1 and 2 at Commercial - Broadway are strangely the new platforms on the Millennium Line itself. It would make sense if the newer platforms had the higher numbers. This station is the strange station where Millennium Line trains can be transferred to both on their own newer line and when they run along the Expo Line to reach the Waterfront since it is the junction point of the large loop these trains make. No actual track connections are available. The stop, with just a single island platform for the two track line, is located below-grade alongside the railroad line used by VIA's Canadian, Amtrak Cascades and the Rocky Mountaineer. The platform is canopied for its entire length with a canopy that has wooden accents and round concrete pillars. Two escalators on the same shaft, a staircase and an elevator lead up to a mezzanine area that connect to a bridge across the mainline railway tracks across to the main Millennium Line Station lobby located at street level at the NE corner of Broadway and Commercial Drive. From this area two escalators, a staircase and an elevator lead up to a bridge across Broadway that is between the Expo Line tracks and leads straight to the end of its island platform for transfers.
All photos unless otherwise noted taken 7 October, 2011

Platform sign including the two Outs
Mark-II #229 stops
6 Octobert, 2011
The Austin Road exit and Shopping Centre
This is the narrow staircase down to Austin Road
Station entrance from the shopping centre: No Shopping Carts
The station steeples
The bus loop
Entrance from the bus loop
Platform access from the bus loop
Looking down the stairs and escalator
The bus loop end of the platform
The extra unfinished track area
Home<Canada<Vancouver SkyTrain<Millennium Line<Commercial - Broadway Platforms 1 & 2
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