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YVR Airport, a terminus of the Canada Line is elevated in the middle of the short-term parking lot for the Airport. The stop has a single-track and platform for terminating two articulated car trains that splits into two tracks just beyond the station. The platform and track as well are both fully enclosed with a slanted white roof (not the usual Canada Line faux wood). There are two entrances to this single platform where fare gates will soon be installed and there is a narrow line of bollards (with a larger plastic turnstile like opening specifically for wheelchairs) to prevent people from taking luggage carts onto the trains. The TVMs (and there a few check-in kiosks that can print boarding passes for many different airlines) here require an extra $5 YVR AddFare for all tickets purchased (but travel is free to Templeton) and Day Passes cannot be purchased. Passengers wanting to save on this fee can buy Day Passes or 10 trip FareSaver tickets can at the 7-Eleven on the Lower Level of the domestic terminal.

From this mezzanine there are two different walkways to the airport. At the end of the fare control area just beyond the bumper block a skywalk leads directly to one level of the large domestic terminal. The International terminal is accessed by taking an escalator or elevator down a level (that also connects to parking garages) to a walkway across to a crosswalk to the departures level roadway and entrances into the terminal.
Photos 1-6 taken on 27 September, 2011; 7-12 on 7 October, 2011; 13-17: 13 March, 2018

The walkway from the domestic terminal
A sculpture and bumper block
The entrance area with TVMs
The single track and platform and view over the parking lot
Car #118 enters
The walkway across to the station from the International Terminal
The side of the station and domestic terminal beyond
One of the intermediate mezzanine levels
The train entry and fare control area
A Train enters
A passengers enter a just arrived and will soon reverse and depart in the other direction train
Passengers just on and off a just arrived train
The area outside of fare control, with ticket machines alongside the platform
Entrance to the Canada Line Station, faregates have been installed
Entrance for US and other International Departures
Heading downstairs for US and other International Departures
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