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The Sprinter's northern terminus and platform at the Oceanside Transit Center is just south of the transit center's building and underpass that connects the two main line platforms. It begins with a canopy covering TVMs followed by a ramp up to the end of the island platform for two tracks that begin right here at bumper blocks. The platform has 3 more standard canopies The station tracks' here are dedicated to only Sprinter operations so there is no need for the standard gap fillers with just fence covered tactile warning strips except for locations where doors align. The southern end of the platform has a ramp down to track level which leads to a grade crossing across the east track and to another parking lot which surrounds the station. The line has a separate track along the right away of the Coaster/Amtrak main line all the way south to just before the next station, Coast Highway.
Photos 1-11 taken on 16 March, 2008, 12-23 taken on 23 March, 2011

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Sprinter DMU Light Rail|Mainline Railroad: Coaster, Metrolink, Amtrak
Looking across to the island platform with two tracks that is SPRINTER's terminus at Oceanside Transit Center, it is parallel to the other rail lines, and is quite crowded with people waiting for the train.
A view of the a shelter on the SPRINTER platform at Oceanside Transit Center.
Another view of a sheltered area on the SPRINTER platform at Oceanside Transit Center SPRINTER banners still decorate the platform since the new rail system only opened a week ago.
Passengers rush up to board VT642 Desiro DMU #4009, a single car SPRINTER train that has just entered the station to reverse and go eastbound back to Escondido Transit Center.
Another view of a rush of passengers boarding VT642 Desiro DMU #4004 a single car SPRINTER train at Oceanside Transit Center
VT642 Desiro DMU #4004 again at Oceanside Transit Center
Another view down the island platform at Oceanside Transit Center, there are fences along the tracks that only have openings where the doors line up
Looking up form the extereme northern end of the SPRINTER platform at Oceanside Transit Center with all the main line railroad tracks visible.
VT642 Desiro DMU #4004 begins to leave Oceanside Transit Center.
VT642 Desiro DMU #4004 continues to leave Oceanside Transit Center, passing the platform.
A close up of VT642 Desiro DMU #4004 leaving Oceanside Transit Center.
The entrance to the Sprinter platforms
Bumper at the end of one track and a train on the opposite track
DMU #4009
Edge of platform sign
Sprinter DMU Light Rail|Mainline Railroad: Coaster, Metrolink, Amtrak
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