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San Ysidro/Tijuana Transit Center (also called San Ysidro/International ) is the southern terminus of the original opening day segment of the San Diego Trolley, which began operations on July 19, 1981 and revenue collection on July 26, 1981. In addition to being one of the terminuses of the line that began the Light Rail Transit (streetcar) renaissance in the United States, it is extremely unique because it is the only rail based transit station in the Americas to serve an International Border. This is the busiest border crossing in the world into Tijuana, Mexico, an easy walk from the station across a bridge over I-5 to the Mexican Immigration point. The station has been modernized at some point after it was built and is the only station on the original blue line that has slightly elevated platforms. The platform layout at the station is two side platforms with an island platform in between. This layout, requiring trains to open there doors on both sides is required for ADA compliant operation of the U2s and SD-100s because the wheelchair lifts can only open on the right side of the trains. Trains relay before entering the station and can platform on either track in either direction.
All Photos taken on 22 March, 2011

There is the McDonald's Trolley Station
The old entrance (a new bridge has since opened) across the boarder
The boarder building
Beyond the end of the tracks, there isn't much room left that is within the confines of the United States
The two platforms modern station
A platform sign with condensed text
Passengers board a just arrived trolley
TVMs beneath a green platform canopy
S100 #2015 stopped in the station
The central island platform
The taxi/bus loop
New Bridge to cross the border under construction
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