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Park and Market (also referred to as 12th and Market because Park Blvd and 12th Avenue are both names of the same street) is one of the original downtown Trolley stations when the system opened in 1981. The stop has the standard two side platforms got renovations with modern shelters at some point of time but the stop still needs to be upgraded for S70 Trolley operations which is due to happen between July and September 2012. The station is located at what is basically street running along the eastern side of Park Blvd (12th Avenue) on a private ROW. These run between Island Avenue and Market Street. Each platform has two small unique canopies, these have white oversized pillars holding up a wavy, silver roof. The benches along the platforms have similar unique designs. The 12th & Imperial-bound platform is in the middle of the street and has a low wavy fence along almost its entire length. The Downtown-bound platform is basically an extension of the sidewalk but also has a fence in various areas to separate it.
All Photos taken on 20 March, 2011

Approaching the station on one side of a boluevard
Directional signs
Sign for the Trolley Construction, notice the photoshoped BART sign
Waiting on the platform with unique canopies
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Last Updated: 5 July, 2012
All photos are by Jeremiah Cox
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