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America Plaza Station opened on November 14, 1991 (Dirk Sutro, "America Plaza Is the Standout of S.D. High-Rises", The L.A. Times October 31, 1991 Link) and is located along a short stretch of private ROW where I assume the tracks were relocated to during the construction of San Diego's tallest building, One America Plaza. When the station opened until 2012 both the Blue Line continued through the station to Old Town (although during rush hours every other train terminated here giving service to stations south of here 7.5 minute headways and north every 15 minutes). Orange Line Service continued south along the Waterfront Line looping around to 12th/Imperial Transit Center. Starting on September 2, 2012 the station became the terminus of the blue line. These trains terminate on the west platform (closest to Santa Fe Depot) while Orange Line trains always use the track closest to the office building. These trains run bi-directionally normally sharing the same track here into their terminus at Santa Fe Depot. The signs now are all seperated by platform with only Blue Line signs on its platform and Orange Line signs on its platform.

The station is located on a section of track where trains curve slightly south before reaching the interlocking to Santa Fe Station or the Waterfront Line. The eastern end of the station has the tracks in the median of C Street and begins just beyond the grade-crossing with India Street. The western end is at Kettner Blvd just north of the intersection of Broadway, a street the tracks follow the short final distance west before reaching the interlocking to the Waterfront Line or around to the trackside of the Santa Fe Depot who's frontside is directly across from this station, making the two trolley stations the closest together in the system. The station itself has two curved side platforms that are between One America Plaza (on the south side) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (on the north side). The platforms have a three story silver half-arched roof ceiling with plenty of glass skylights and windows allowing natural light into the atrium feel. There are also a few shops along both platforms.
Photo 1-10 taken on 15 March, 2008; Photos 11-16 taken on 20 March, 2011; 17: 21 March, 2011; 18-20: 23 March, 2011, 21-26 on 22 June, 2013, 27 & 28 on 23 June, 2013

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SD100 LRV #2019 pulls off of the waterfront to curve one block inland an enter the America Plaza Transfer Station.
Looking down the curved America Plaza Transfer Station with it's tall and impressive seeming curved ceiling.
Signs on an exterior portion of the America Plaza Transfer Station for the Southbound/Eastbound Blue and Orange lines.
Another view showing the tight curve at the America Plaza Transfer Station and the impressive curve the tracks form.
Sunlight tries to pour into the America Plaza Transfer Station.
U2 LRV #1053 and a northbound Blue Line train approach the America Plaza Transfer Station.
Three U2 cars (#1053, #1048, and #1046) consist of a northbound Blue line train to Old Town approach the America Plaza Transfer Station
U2 LRV #1046 is the last car of a Blue line train to Old Town that has begun to enter the America Plaza Transfer Station.
U2 LRV #1038 is the last car of a southbound Blue line train to San Ysidro/Tijuana that has just stopped at the America Plaza Transfer Station.
SD100 LRV #2017 is the last car of a Orange Line train bound for 12th & Imperial that approaches the America Plaza Transfer Station.
Directional signs
The gently curving platforms
U2 #1067 leaves the station and passes by the front of the Santa Fe Depot
SD100 #2002 runs down C Street just beyond the station
U2 #1047 curves out of the southern end of the station
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