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has a single island platform for the gold line built into the side of the hill. This island platform has a single long canopy for its eastern half where the exit ramp is down to a grade crossing. The western half has lampposts designed to resemble trees. The platform is interspersed with victorian artifacts like pillars and dice, part of Highland Park Gateway by Paul Polubinskas completing Teddy Sandoval initial concept who died in 1995. Passengers can sit and wait for trains in attractive decorative iron chairs. To exit the station from the pedestrian grade crossing is a short ramp and staircase to the north up to Marmion Way across from Museum Drive's intersection and a longer ramp and staircase down south of the station to Woodside Drive.
Photos 1-15 on 14 April, 2006 and Photos 16-18 taken on 20 March, 2010

P2000 #249 bound for Sierra Madre Villa leaves Southwest Museum, going across a tiny Pedestrian Grade Crossing and leaving the station.
P2000 #249 goes around a curve after leaving Southwest Museum.
Looking up the narrow gradual ramp to the platform between the tracks at Southwest Museum
The end of the narrow gradual ramp to the platform between the tracks at Southwest Museum.
The lower station entrance
Some slam gates that must be pulled open to get across the grade crossing and onto the platform at Southwest Museum.
The Gold Line station pillar at Southwest Museum
Looking down the platform at Southwest Museum
The decorative 'museum like' art on the platform at Southwest Museum.
Looking out from the platform at Southwest Museum, the platform has a fairly good view since the station is built into a hillside.
P200 #232 approaches Southwest Museum Station.
P200 #232 approaches Southwest Museum Station
After the platform canopy ends at Southwest Museum Station there are a number of fake treelike things
P200 #232 enters Southwest Museum Station
Decorative and standard pillars at the station entrance
Highland Park Gateway on the platform
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