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Mariachi Plaza is one of two underground stations on the one tunnel of the Edward R. Roybal Linea de Oro Eastside Extension which opened on November 15, 2009. The station has a single island platform with simple bare concrete track walls about 3 or 4 stories underground. To reach the street: two separate escalators, a staircase and an elevator lead up to a mezzanine just above the platform. Turnstiles are off to one side beneath arches and these lead to an entrance area where TVMs are before an elevator leads directly up to the street above with two escalators with a staircase in between go up to another immediate landing, turn 180 degrees before reaching the street. The exit is inside Mariachi Plaza at the NE Corner of Boyle Avenue and 1 Street, next to its raised gazebo structure. This plaza has been used informally by mariachi bands for years. There are separate canopies for the elevator and staircase/escalators. Each has distinctive marble columns holding up silver metal canopies with little red, blue, yellow and green jewels letting colored light to shine in. There are are little statues throughout the station, part of El Niño Perdido by Alejandro de la Loza.
All Photos taken on 19 March, 2010

Escalators from platform to mezzanine
The mezzanine
The turnstiles
The street elevator
The intermediate landing up to the exit
The final set of escalators and stairs up to the street
Colorful canopy above the station's escalators
The top of the elevator and station pillar
A stage, part of the entrance plaza
The colorful entrance canopy to the station
P2000 #235 stopped in the station
Home<California<Los Angeles Metro<Gold Line<Mariachi Plaza
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