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Maravilla is a boulevard median station with a single island platform in the middle of East 3rd Street. This platform has simple entrances with fenced in ramps up to TVMs just before the high level platform begins at either end. The western end is the intersection of Ford Blvd, the east end is McDonnell Avenue. McBride Avenue ends across from the middle of the station intersecting 3rd Street.

Artwork: Maravilla Hearts of Token by Jose Lopez, these are sections of stained glass representing transit tokens with parts of local history and other hanging steel displayed from the station's three white canopies formed by many little domes. The larger canopy is in the center of the platform and there are smaller ones over the TVMs at each platform end.
All Photos taken on 19 March, 2010

Approaching one end of the station
A station entrance pillar and ramp up to the platform
One of the winding long ramps to the high level platforms
P2550 #729 starts to leaves
The tokens in the ceiling
Platform signs
Home<California<Los Angeles Metro<Gold Line<Maravilla
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Last Updated: 17 April, 2011
All photos are by Jeremiah Cox
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