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is an elevated Gold Line Station and has one of the most distinctive station designs in LA with : The Wheels of Change by Chusien Chang. It is the first stop out of Union Station on the northern branch up to Pasadena which opened on July 26, 2003. The station's island platform canopies are inspired by pagoda architecture. To leave the island platform in the middle of it are a set of escalators and staircase down to a mezzanine area where the TVMs are. A staircase, another set of escalators and an elevator that goes straight from the platform to street level in a plaza at the NW corner of College and Spring Streets. There is a secondary entrance at the extreme southern end of the platform with another elevator and staircase that winds its way around the elevator shaft to the SW corner. This entrance is flawed and lacks TVMs or Tap Targets requiring passengers to go down to the main mezzanine for fare payment.
Photos 1-18 on 14 April, 2006 and Photos 19-39 taken on 24 March, 2011

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A Sierra Madre Villa-bound Two car train of P2000 LRVs leave Chinatown
A banner hanging off the wall of the tracks announcing that Chinatown is a local stop
Another sign about express service in a service information display case on the platform.
Looking down the platform at Chinatown with the pagoda style decorative canopy
Looking out from the platform at Chinatown with the buildings of Downtown LA in the background
P2000 LRV #248 and #301, constitute a 2 car not in service train running northbound, viewed around the curve from Chinatown
P2000 LRV #248 and a two car not in service train enter Chinatown
P2000 LRV #248 leading a non-revenue train enters Chinatown
P2000 LRV #248 bypass Chinatown leading a non-revenue train
P2000 LRV #301 leaves Chinatown after bypassing it
A two car train of P2000 LRVs, of in the distance of Chinatown
A two car train of P2000 LRVs approach Chinatown bound for Union Station
A two car train of P2000 LRVs approach Chinatown bound for Union Station
P2000 #233 at stopped at Chinatown on a L.A-bound train with the skyline in the background
The large mezzanine area at Chinatown
P2000 #233 approaches Chinatown
P2000 #233 leads #250, into Chinatown on a Sierra Madre-bound train
P2000 #233 bound for Sierra Madre enters Chinatown
Approaching the station from the street
A parking lot and station with its pagoda roof
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