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Washington Station is the first, most northern stop located on the shared with freight (there is an extra track) ROW that constitutes most of the length of the Blue Line. The same ROW was previously used by the Red Cars of the Pacific Electric Railway until 1961. It is also where signalized instead of street running begins for train operations. Just north of the station (and the pathway to the ramp to the the platform is even curved) trains curve west into the median of Washington Blvd. This is where the station's one entrance via a pathway begins. There is the standard little entrance arch except this one has colorful stained glass, part of Running for the Blue Line by Elliott Pinkne that also colors many of the normally grey platform lampposts and signage beams solid colors. There is also some colorful metalwork on the fence that surrounds the station keeping traffic on Long Beach Avenue off. This entrance curves slightly with the tracks until they are straight before leading to a canopyed entrance where the TVMs are that protects half an LRV length before yielding to a bare platform that continues to just an emergency exit a short ways north of 20th Street that is the most northern belled and armed grade crossing on the blue line.
All Photos take on 18 March, 2010

A 3 LRV train of P850s led by #106 curves onto Washington Street leaving the station
A 3 LRV train keeps leaving
Platform entrance with stained glass above
Entering the platform, its a fairly long ramp
Signs for the one exit
Plaque for the artwork
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