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Wardlow is the most northern station in the City of Long Beach, and the most northern station with the round circles (that have artwork at some stations, but not here) for the single island platforms lampposts. These are unique to Metro Rail stations in Long Beach. The station is still in the portion of the ROW with interurban characteristics. It is just east of Pacific Place, and the grade crossing of Warlow Road that has a walkway to a ramp in the middle of it to the southern end of the island platform has crossing gates. This ramp winds it's way up to the platform to two TVMs with an awning above them before the platform begins. The middle of the platform has a canopy, and the northern end has a staircase down (with more TVMs before it) to grade crossing across the westbound track and to the stations 107 space parking lot, and buses that stop right on Pacific Place. There is station artwork, Great Gathering Place by Jacqueline Dreager, an installation I was completely oblivious to.
All Photos taken on 18 March, 2010

P850 #150 starts leaving
The TVMs at the ramp entrance
Grade crossing at one end of the station
Looking by the ramp to a train entering the station
P850 #158 stops in the station
Modern pillar at a station entrance
Sign for the parking lot
The parking lot and platform beyond
A metal platform bench
The non-accessible entrance
The steps up to the platform
Home<California<Los Angeles Metro<Blue Line<Wardlow
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