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Artesia is a standard street-level blue line station along the private ROW, with the two blue line tracks separated from two freight tracks to the west of the light rail line by a fence. The station has a single entrance accessed by a pedestrian only grade crossing with lights and bells. This crossing leads fully across the four tracks on the ROW. The eastern end closest to the station has a tall fence blocking push gates and access to the parking lots that surround Auto Drive. The western end and only station entrance leads across the southbound light rail track, followed by the main line freight track, a sight area of greenery before the entrance to a used siding for an industrial big box building. This than leads to the stations bus loop (with routes from Metro Local, Metro Rapid, Compton's Renaissance Transit System, Long Beach Transit and Torrance Transit). To reach the platform there is a short ramp up to a canopy that covers the station's TVMs before the platform begins and about the length of an LRV. The platform continues south with a second canopy before ending at an emergency staircase at the platform's southern end. Just south of the station the line crosses benath CA-91, the Gardena Freeway. The station's artwork in the entrance plaza and surrounding pillars on the platform is Blue Line Oasis by Lynn Aldrich.
All Photos taken on 18 March, 2010

Blue Line Oasis
A sign opposite the platform, barbed wire has been added later in front of the sign to prevent trespassers
Waiting passengers
The looping ramp down to leave the station
One side of the grade crossing leads to a fence
The entrance pedestrian crossing
Home<California<Los Angeles Metro<Blue Line<Artesia
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