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Anaheim is the most northern station served by trains in both directions, it was also the original southern terminus of the Blue Line when it opened on July 14, 1990 for all of 1½ months until the loop through downtown Long Beach was completed and opened on September 1. The loop begins four blocks south and trains go around it clockwise. This direction of operation around the loop requires the tracks to cross each other and they do on a simple crossover switch three blocks south of the station (wrong railing for a block) across from where 9th Street doesn't go all the way through.

The station has a single island platform that begins at the grade crossing of Anaheim Street where a ramp leads up to the high-level platform, this end of the platform has the only canopy for about an LRV length that covers the TVMs at the entrance. It extends south with the standard to Long Beach round circles on the top of the lampposts many of these (and also in the circles of the beams holding up the canopy have images that look like collage photographs on other images. These are all part of Local Odysseys by Terry Braunstein. The southern end of the platform has a TVM (with its own little awning) and then a staircase down to track level and pedestrian sidewalks to each side of Long Beach Blvd just south of where 9th Street ends at the northbound lanes only from the west.
All Photos taken on 18 March, 2010

Looking up the ramp to the station entrance
A P850 prepares to leave
P850 #137 leaves Anaheim
P850 #137 keeps leaving Anaheim
The ramp up to the platform at Anaheim
The TVMs
The artwork medallions
A platform bench
P850 #136 stops
Home<California<Los Angeles Metro<Blue Line<Anaheim
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