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1st Street is basically the last stop where trains travel in a southbound direction. Trains curve best onto 1st Street and onto the 2nd side of the square they form to loop in downtown Long Beach just after stopping in this station. The stop consists of a single platform on the west side of the single track. The platform's main entrance is a ramp at the southern end that begins curving with the track as trains turn right onto 1st Street, this connects to the exit on the northern crosswalk of 1st Street. At this end is the platform's one canopy and there are two TVMs just before the platform really begins. The circles in on top of the lampposts along the platform have the station's artwork, patterns based on those on textiles, Breezy and Delightful by Paul Tzanetopoulos, these are on disks mounted in a way that they can blow in the wind. The northern end of the platform has two more TVMs followed by a staircase down to the crosswalk of East Broadway.
All Photos take on 18 March, 2010

Approaching the station
TVMs and the rest of the platform
Platform sign
The movable medallions
The slightly curving entrance to the station
Looking across to the side platform
The track just curving away from the station
Home<California<Los Angeles Metro<Blue Line<1st Street
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