57 Street-7 Avenue (N,R,W)


Borough: Manhattan


N (All Times) To: Astoria-Ditmars Blvd, Queens (Northbound) or Gravesend-86 Street, Brooklyn (Southbound) via Queens Local Broadway-4 Avenue Express and 60 Street-Bridge-Sea Beach

R (All Times Except Late Nights (11PM-5:30AM) To: 71-Continental Avenues, Queens (Northbound) or Bay Ridge-95 Street, Brooklyn (Southbound) via Broadway-4 Avenue or Queens Blvd Local and 60 Street-Tunnel

W (Weekdays only (6AM-9:30PM) To: Astoria-Ditmars Blvd, Queens (Northbound) or Whitehall Street, Manhattan (Southbound) via Broadway or Queens Local


49 Street has interesting and confusing service. Although on the map it is drawn as a local stop, it is a 'half' express stop. The Q skips it, but the N stops at all times(as suppose to nights and weekends only, like all other Local stops on Broadway). The N stops due to high ridership, switching tracks between 42 and 34 Streets instead of near 57 Street. The station underwent complete renovation in the 1970s with orange tiling (At one point the MTA wanted every station in the system to have it. It also ruined Bowling Green. Some Stations on the 63 Street Line and Archer Avenue extensions are similar) The station also has experimental special sound proofing in the ceiling that was installed in no other places.

(49n1) Looking down the platform at 49 Street (N,R,W) Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 10 October, 2003 (49n2) A new boring 49 Street (N,R,W) sign on the orange brick wall. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 29 February, 2003    


About 49 Street

Location @7 Avenue-Broadway
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