Amtrak's P40 Locomotives

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(newhaven4) The back of Amtrak P40 Locomotive #824 passes Metro-North M2 #8452. The locomotive is shunting, up to an end of the Vermonter, which switching locomotives from electric in New Haven. The train requires a locomotive at either end, or a push pull cab car at an end, due to a switchback at Palmer, Mass. When the train has to switch railroads. Currently Two locomotives are used at either end. I have seen cab car in use in the past. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 29 June, 2004 (southeast1) Leased Amtrak P40 #833 enters Southeast with the ../../mnr/wassaic/wassaic shuttle which will begin bound for ../../mnr/wassaic/wassaic. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 20 June, 2005 (wassaic6) Leased Amtrak Genesis P40 #833 at Wassaic. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 10 August, 2005 (wassaic9) Leased Amtrak P40 Genesis #833 at Wassaic. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 10 August, 2005
(wassaic10) Looking down the platform at Wassaic with leased Amtrak P40 Genesis #833, in the station pulling the shuttle. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 10 August, 2005

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