Kewanee, IL

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Kewanee, IL is a small town in Western Illinois that is served by the Illinois Zephyr and Carl Sandburg, the two trains a day on the Chicago to Qunicy corridor. The stop is before Galesburg when the Southwest Chief and California Zephyr split off this line but those two trains scream by this town that calls itself the Hog Capital of the World without stopping. The station consists of two platforms on the two track line with a fully belled and lighted grade crossing connecting the two. There is no notification of which track the next train will come in on so waiting passengers must wait to see the headlights and dart across the tracks if necessary. The platform on the track (if right hand running is in use) away from Chicago has an old wooden shelter while the opposite platform has a small enclosed shelter with a single bench inside it and an information board with the train schedule on it and other information posters. It has an old pointless arrow Amtrak Kewanee name sign and another one claiming the town as the 'Hog Capital of the World' and to come back at Labor Day when the town has its annual festival. There is a fenced of shelter with the now ADA required wheelchair lift inside. Attached is a small parking lot with a sign on it that says Amtrak Park & Ride Short Term and Long Term Parking, with the new Amtrak logo and an Illinois DOT logo beneath it. This parking lot continues beyond the station section for the Station House Restaurant serving a typical American selection of Steaks and the like with the station's timetable printed on the back of the menu and where the staff let me wait a little longer for the train after I finished my meal.
All photos taken on 31 July, 2011

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A BNSF freight train approaches Kewanee, IL to bypass it
BNSF ES44AC Locomotive #5783 rolls on through Kewanee
Hopper Cars in the Hog Capital of the World (no longer)
The fenced off MobiLift on one of the platforms
The old wooden waiting shed on one of the platforms
Looking across from the secondary platform to main platform along the parking lot with the little AmShack and crossing signals
The older covered bench wooden shelter
The two short concrete platforms with just simple yellow lines to stand behind
Station name sign on top of the waiting shelter
Hog Capital of the World sign on the shelter
Station and other information panels inside the shelter
The wide portion of the platform in front of the shelter
The brick walled shelter has a door into it
An exterior view of the Amtrak Station, the doors is open and platform behind
The park & ride portion of the parking lot
Amtrak Station Park & Ride short term and long term parking lot sign notice the I-dot logo
Cars in the parking lot for the Station House Resturant and the train station beyond
The 3 locomotives of a BNSF train go through Kewanee
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